Free Traffic: No-Cost Ways to Promote Your Online Store


Table of Contents


Identify Potential Partnerships

Understand Different Types of Online Influencers Brainstorm Collaboration Ideas with the Right Types Conduct Deep Research to Find Partner Prospects Build a Contact List and Begin Outreach
Chapter 1 Takeaways

Build a Digital Network

Be a Guest Contributor on Up-and-Coming Websites Appear on Relevant Podcasts
Join Discussions on Social Media Groups and Forums Create Referral Partnerships and Cross-Promote with Other Companies
Chapter 2 Takeaways

Build a Physical Network

Be a Vendor for Local Events
Get Involved with Relevant Local Meetups and Events Scope Out Opportunities for Public Speaking
Chapter 3 Takeaways

Create Extraordinary Content

Maintain a Quality Blog Vary Your Content
Promote and Distribute Whenever Possible Chapter 4 Takeaways

Expand, Track, and Analyze

Adopt a Multi-Channel Strategy Use Social Media Analytics
Install Google Analytics on Your Website Chapter 5 Takeaways

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