How to Become a Digital Nomad



Table of Contents

  1. Is a Digital Nomad Lifestyle Right for You?
    What is a digital nomad? Digital nomad pros and cons
    5 digital nomad skills and traits

    Work Anywhere With These Digital Nomad Jobs

    Online businesses you can operate remotely Freelance digital nomad jobs

    How to Become a Digital Nomad: 4 Tips to Prepare
    Make your job preparations
    Sort through (and let go of) your stuff
    Prepare to go international
    Check your mindset

    How to Choose Your First Destination

    How to research the best and most affordable places to live 8 top digital nomad cities around the world
    Travel Budget Tips for the Aspiring Digital Nomad
    Map out your current cash flow Calculate your projected expenses Shift into savings mode
    Take advantage of these travel budget tips

    Tapping Into the Digital Nomad Community

    Digital nomad websites and blogs Digital nomad groups and apps Coworking and co-living spaces Plug in and branch out

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