How to Start Dropshipping



We’re Amanda Gaid and Adeel Qayum, two dropshipping and marketing enthusiasts who have been immersed in these topics for years. We’re all about sharing what we’ve learned so that we can help aspiring entrepreneurs get rid of the “aspiring” part and make their dreams a reality.

When making this book, we each wrote our own chapters. You’ll see “Amanda here,” or “Adeel here,” at the beginning of every chapter so you can keep track of who’s talking to you


Table of Contents

How to Use This Guide

What Is Dropshipping?

How Dropshipping Works

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping Legal Considerations Dropshipping FAQs

How to Keep a Positive Mindset

Overnight Success Is a Myth 5 Traits of a Growth Mindset

Resourcefulness Is More Important than Resources Take Care of Yourself

Choose Your Niche

What’s a Niche, Anyway? Steady vs. Trending Niches Choose a Good Steady Niche

How to Make Sure Your Idea Is Actually Good

Choose the Right Products and Suppliers

Your Secret Weapon: Oberlo Product Statistics Searching on AliExpress

Choose Products with ePacket Find Trustworthy Suppliers

Add Products to Your Import List 3 Tips from the Pros

How to Build Your Shopify Store in an Hour

Step 1: Create Your Store (10 Minutes)

Step 2: Configure Your Settings (15 Minutes) Step 3: Add Products and Content (25 Minutes) Step 4: Create Your Layout (10 Minutes)

Step 5: Make That Baby Live!

Create a Memorable Brand

Create a Logo

Design the Main Banner Pick a Font & Color Scheme Tell Your Story

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Grow Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

How to Post Damn Good Content A Closer Look: Facebook

A Closer Look: Instagram Other Platforms to Consider How to Get More Followers

Get Sales with Influencer Marketing

Get Sales with Facebook Ads

An Intro to Facebook Advertising Costs Types of Facebook (and Instagram) Ads Get Familiar With Facebook Ads Manager Set Up Your First Campaign

Use Your Ads Data to Do Even Better

Engage People with Email Marketing

How Does Email Marketing Work? Getting Started With Email Marketing

Get Fans and Sales with Memorable Email Content Types of Marketing Emails

Tips to Keep Growing Your Store and Making More Sales

Reduce Those Dreaded Abandoned Carts Keep Tweaking Your Facebook Ads Handle Customer Complaints Smoothly Build a Team as You Grow

Make Your Store More Trustworthy And There You Have It!

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