Creating a website is a pretty exciting opportunity to engage in creative expression and change the way people interact with the world. If you do the math, 1.25 million websites are launched each year and there are an estimated 2.5 billion users worldwide. Even more remarkable? The number of new websites being registered each year is growing exponentially.


A Free Website Builder

One of the best-kept secrets for earning money and passive income is starting a website. Let's go to work creating your own WordPress blog right now :

* worth it merely to get a professional email account and a resume

* Earn money in a passive way (make money in your sleep, reading ...)

* enables you to operate from any location * It's absurdly simple and inexpensive (and fun) * If my grandmother decides not to confront you, then consider the following

A- building a website from scratch

to create a website we need : a script ( content management and design ) , a domain name , and host

1-choosing a domain and register it

A domain name (often simply called a domain) is an easy-to-remember name that's associated with a physical IP address on the Internet. It's the unique name that appears after the @ sign in email addresses, and after www. in web addresses




There are various existing domain name extensions,,.net,.info,.biz ,online, ,work , club , site....



Find A DOMAIN  NAIME for your Website

The "Create your account" page will appear if your desired domain name is available. Congrats! Go on to step 2 now.


Domain Name extensions : choose a suitable domaine 

You will be instructed to try another variant if it is not available. Think about adding hyphens (-), changing a word (sigma.domain for example is convenient), adding a number, or choosing a different extension.

Don't worry if you can't come up with the perfect domain name right away. The "Choose Later" link is located at the bottom. As I create websites, names frequently come to mind. Moving an existing website to a new domain is equally simple. Today is the day that the website officially launches!

2- the web Hosting

Your website requires hosting. Your website and its content simply reside on a web host (like a remote computer).
When users enter your domain name, the host subsequently "provides" the website to them.

to choose a webhost it must respond to theese contraints :

*Economical (starting

*Reliable (99.9 percent uptime)

*Free domain names, email accounts

*excellent training materials and 24/7 support

*Policy of a 30-day full refund


Shoose your perfect shared hosting plan 

 3- choose a script

some scripts are paid , some others are for free it depends on the design , content management and the copyright.... 2 sites will give you free script for your need to help you as beginer

- almual


ALMUAL / a free script site provider

- Nullscript


null script a free script provider

 4- post some artical

 If unsure of the topic to write about? Or are you concerned that search engines won't index it? Semrush and some similar software program. It reveals the precise search terms that people use for every issue and how to outrank rivals in Google.

There are several opportunities to start building your audience and earning money from home as soon as you have a few articles published on the subject of your website.


B- Drive traffic to your website

Traffic is important. The more visitors your website receives, the more likely it is to pique curiosity, spur user action, and result in sales.

So it should come as no surprise that, regardless of the type of website you run, traffic remains a top goal. According to a recent Forbes article, everything from specific search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to content that is contextually relevant can help increase traffic volumes and key metrics, while more technical traffic attractions like cutting down on page load times and enhancing user experience on mobile devices can also improve the impact of your website.

The most crucial factor, other from creating high-quality content, is driving traffic to your website.

 The best techniques to immediately increase traffic to your new website are listed below.:

1- search engine optimisation ( SEO )

The main source of traffic to websites is Google. You must therefore learn how to position your content highly in the search results for your key words.



SEO : search engine optimisation


A whole industry exists just for SEO. After building a new website, your primary attention should be on developing high-quality content that swiftly responds to the queries or desires of searchers.


Examine the articles that are ranked highest for your subject and explain why they are superior to those that are lower. The URL, headings, structure, and even the page title are all crucial. Another important factor is how many reliable external websites link to the article.

2- Twitter Hashtags

For website owners, Twitter is an incredible marketing tool. Utilizing hashtags that are pertinent to your audience is one of the best methods to get your content recognized.

You may search for hashtags you're thinking about using and view popular related hashtags utilizing a useful free tool like Hashtagify.

You can identify popular hashtags to utilize in your tweets from these results, just be careful not to use too many. To prevent coming across as spam, two to three is ideal.

Use TweetDeck to schedule and prepare your social media material for the coming week if you don't have time to spend on Twitter.



3- Facebook groups and pages

A Facebook group dedicated to your subject is probably already active (use the search field on Facebook). Additionally, they are an effective approach to immediately increase traffic and audience loyalty because they are already specialized in a particular specialty.

Many groups provide options for sharing your ideas with others, such publishing links on specific days. Being genuine while sharing your content is crucial. Avoid spamming and instead engage in conversation with other users.

4- Pinterest

One of the most underutilized strategies for increasing blog traffic is Pinterest. If you apply the appropriate method, interacting with other users will increase the number of people who visit your website. A board on Pinterest that has multiple contributors is a group board. There is typically a tiny two-person icon in the bottom right corner. More people will re-pin your material and visit your website because group boards frequently have more followers than normal boards. Look through PinGroupie to discover groups boards related to your niche. This open-source tool makes a board's subscriber and re-pin counts available. You will typically need to email the owner of the Pinterest account to request an invitation to pin on that board if you wish to join a group board.


pinterest analytics & tools for online entrepreneurs

5- Make comments on popular blogs in your niche

One of the best ways to get traffic and backlinks to your website is still to leave comments on well-known blogs in your niche .

Create insightful comments that are pertinent to the blog content instead of spamming other blogs with the URL of your website, and add your website link as a byline. This is a sincere method of luring new visitors to your website.

Set up Google Alerts to receive emails whenever blogs post about a subject you can comment on.

6- Facebook ads

Even though it is a kind of sponsored traffic, Facebook Ads can quickly grow your following for you. You can target a very, very particular demographic with your Facebook (or Instagram) advertisements.

facebook ads


 7- Pinterest Ads                                                                                                                         

Marketing professionals have a ton of distinctive chances on Pinterest to connect  withprospects and affect customer purchasing decisions. In actuality, Pinterestusers
have  greater impact on consumers' shopping decisions than any other platform.


pinterest: optimise your product feed for more sales

8 - Traffic exchange

In this situation, you will visit the websites of other business owners and they will visit yours in return. According to the hypothesis, after receiving enough visits, your site will begin to move up relevant search results, which will subsequently increase your organic traffic.

 On the surface, this doesn't appear to be a bad idea: Since website owners desire the same thing (traffic), collaborate and harness the power of the entire Web for mutual benefit.

These traffic exchange options typically take the shape of traffic exchange websites. Do a fast Google search, and dozens of results with high-volume, low-risk services will appear.

However, not all traffic is the same. Although great volume and velocity are promised by traffic exchange services, the value of this strategy carries risk and is inferior to value-driven, user-focused traffic generation that slowly raises your search ranking and assists in converting first-page curiosity into a useful sales conversion.

Theese are some traffic exchange sites: , magatraffic , klixion , websyndic , surf-malin , traffboost , 10khits , maxdetrafic , echangedeclics , netvisiteurs , nice-autosurf

Impact of traffic exchange on SEO


Generally speaking, your major focus should be on creating social media sites and links to your new website. In addition to immediately bringing in new visitors, they serve as the primary criteria that search engines like Google employ to rank websites (SEO). The finest sort of traffic is unpaid Google traffic


C- Make Money From your Website

Your website can be monetized in a variety of ways once you start receiving some form of traffic. New websites tend to find the following business options to be the most lucrative:

* Google adsense revenu::

  Google Ads is an online advertising marketplace where businesses can bid to have their films, service offers, or brief commercials displayed to website visitors. Ads can be placed on videos, non search websites, mobile apps, and the results pages of search  engines like Google Search.

* reviewing products :

Customer opinions or feedback about a certain product are referred to as product reviews. To enable customers to rate and review the products they purchased, many online firms have review sections on their websites. Before making a purchase, other consumers can have a thorough understanding of a product from reviews.

* Email marketing

The act of sending a commercial message via email, usually to a group of people, is known as email marketing. Every email that is sent to a client, whether present or prospective, might be regarded as email marketing in the broadest sense. It include sending adverts, making business requests, or requesting donations or purchases over email.

* Affiliate Marketing

An example of performance-based marketing is affiliate marketing, in which a company pays one or more affiliates for each client or visitor brought in as a result of the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

* Sponsored articals

Advertisers employ sponsored articles, a form of content marketing, to promote their products online. While maintaining the usual structure of an author's editorial content, an advertiser will pay to produce sponsored articles that involve some form of brand promotion or campaign.



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