A-   What is an Autosurf

what is an autosurf (image)

Pratically it is too simple:

set your website up, spend a brief amount of time on websites then

Receive visits to your site from other users.

This is the main principle to keep in mind when thinking about an autosurf's system: you visit sites and then receive visits in return.

The terms "autosurf" and "autohit" are synonymous... Some people still refer to the first ever developed in the world of the internet as "autohit."

Why do you need auto-surf :

Collect views on YouTube and similar platform, on websites and blogs in order to increase their ranking on the top 10 in search engine, and a clever way to manipulate statistics and search engine statistics of visits on websites pages ...

How it works

* set a time limit for how long visitors may stay on your website

* change the referrer to indicate that a visitor is coming from different platforms

* impose a limit on the number of visits made each day, hour, and IP address

* pinpoint visits (get only views from the top tire countries)

* altering between users using browsers and mobiles

It will be profitable when you get some unique visitors with a referer from google and will be more when some of these visitors click on at least on one page of your website

Using Auto-Surf, is it safe ?

** some advertising company like google don't accept their publishers to use auto-surf site, they will close automatically your account without any warning... Some others accepted and welcome them because of the huge amount of traffic bring to themit is a fountain of money specially on cost per thousand views (CPM) campaigns.

** If your site is hosted on a server with free plan or a plan with small webspace and bandwidth, your website will collapse at any time because a couple of thousand visitors

** visitors visit your site for some seconds each one, it may increase your site ranking, but it may mean for the search engines that your site have no importance and don't interest users and that can be a great disaster if you don't have a lot of valuable content, that respect the SEO terms ; getting you some organic traffic

** some members will try to insert advertisement that contain serious viruses and malware in their content a time after the admins of the auto-surf accept his site or blog... Make sure to install every some days a different type of antivirus... Generally, famous auto-surf admins pay attention and control their members contents.

** because of greed, some ones will open and launch a lot of auto-surf sites thinking that he will earn a lot of exchange traffic, but he will use the almost capacity of memory in his Pc and will affect his RAM, and as result the web browser will be slow at first until it crashes.

so secure your Pc with : Avast , AVG ...  and secure your brwser with : Noscript

Noscript Site (image)

B- Autosurf and Youtube Views : How to increase

YouTube (image)

autosurf websites are one of several methods to get traffic and to increase youTube views .

Generally , its too simple : 

                      * subscribe in one or more autosurf sites and add your youTube channel

                      * visit others websites and youtube

                     * collect more points and allocate them to your own youtube videos, in return       you will have visits

you will not get miliions of views and that is pretty sure , it can be in hundreds , because one visit will not lead to sure visit , due to youtube algorithms that estimate one view to one unique visitor ( one IP address ) every 24 hours and some others issues :

                      * the visitor on autosurf my blocked videos playback

                      * if there is an add playing before the video , so it  will be counted as a view

                      * if the video did not load when timer is counting , due to a bad internet signal   when visitor is surfing

                      * if the visitor is watching another video at the same time when your video is  playing ....

      So, what to do ?

                       * modify or hide the visits sources ( hide the referer )

                       * make sure that your playback video is up to 300 seconds ( that will consume                                 a lot of your allocated points )

                       * define visits you will get ( one IP address per day) for one unique visit

                       * make one limit to visits you send to your videos per day , YouTube robot may                                consider a huge number of visits as a boot and close your adsence account                                     forever

                       * change the autosurf every time you get a couple of hundred visits

Growing Traffic (image)

C- Autosurf : 2 types of Viewers

     1- Manual Viewers ;

the member must must click on licks and botton every time to visit the others  users sites or lincks ...

with manual surf exchange at least your are sure that the clicks you will get on your website are made by real persons ( not boots).

I dont recomand this method for some poeple who dont like routine because in some stage he will give up doing that.

     2-Automatic Viewers :

it' s automat , the user , just must launch it and it will scroll through sites pages automatically every some fiew seconds for every page...

with automat viewers, the user dont have to click on any botton , just he let it runing and he he dont have to stay in front of his Pc .

I dont recomand this method for people trying to make some product sells or services providers , its only recomanded for driving some traffic to manipulate the search engine ( ranking and visibility)

     3-Top autosurf exchange :                                                            Alexamaster

Maga traffic                                                     WebHit

Le 1er                                                                   Nols-o-Surf

Klixion                                                                   NetVisiteur

10 Khits                                                   

 Autosurf WebSyndic                                  FeelingSurf

Nice-Autosurf                                                 RedSurf

Otohits                                                              WebSurf

9Hits                                                                 LiveSurf

Ebesucher                                                          RubSurf

Linkcollider                                                    AutoSurf De

Bighits4u                                                         Rewards4Surfing

Gr8autosurf                                                   RankBoostup

    4- Top Manual Traffic Exchange 

EasyHits4U                                                           Social Surf 4 U

LeadsLeap                                                             Hit2Hit

Infinity Traffic Boost                                       Webmaster Quest

TrafficAdBar                                                        Click Voyager

FinestTraffic                                                        The Happy Pig Country

Traffic-Splash                                                      Members Rule

TrafficG                                                                Sotuk Traffic

Tezzers                                                                   Hot Flash hits

Traffics Warm                                                    Pistol Packing Mama

Hungry For Hits                                               Postman Hits

Actual Hits 4 U                                                   See more  

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