The Dropshipping Masters: Tactics, Insights, and Wisdom from the Pros



Table of Contents

Introducing the Dropshippers

How to Choose Products

Observe your surroundings

Explore items you’re personally interested in Start with inexpensive items

Use Oberlo to source products

Use AliExpress reviews to gauge opportunity Consider a general store first

Know your marketing channel You’ll never know until you try

How to Run Facebook Ads

Focus on your product first

Keep it simple – just “sell the click” Build your brand with custom videos Split test on different audiences

Take advantage of Facebook Messenger bots Do your own thing once you get the hang of it It’s okay to change ads

How to Make Sales Without Facebook Ads

Partner with Instagram influencers

Feature photos of influencers on your Instagram page Use Instagram Stories to your advantage

Leverage the power of Facebook groups

Present and demonstrate the products to your customers Boost sales with a cross-selling app

“If You Had $500 to Spend on Marketing, What Would You Do?

Create and promote engaging content

Make everyday people your product photography models Use free traffic sources and build as you go

Start with small margins for incremental gains Take a cheaper “grassroots” marketing approach

The Biggest Mistakes Made

Fulfilling orders manually

Copying other people’s Facebook ads Thinking it’s easy to market a store Not reading product reviews

Being careless with apps Using too many suppliers

Letting small negative feedback dictate big decisions

Tips and Advice for First-Time Dropshippers

Balance passion with longevity when picking a niche Set aside a few hours each day for learning

Learn to be patient and consistent

Get creative with your social media content Be practical about scaling up

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