The Ecommerce Mindset: How Successful Store Owners Think




Table of Contents


Overnight Success is a Myth

Everyone Loves an Overnight Success Story Overnight Success Just Doesn’t Exist

Three Years of “Overnight Success” The Truth About Success

In the Beginning, No One Cares About Your Brand

Brands = Means to an End Humans are Creatures of Habit

How to Make People Care About Your Brand

Your Mindset Affects Everything

Changing Your Mindset

Qualities of a Mindset Wired for Success

It All Starts with a Plan

A Word of Caution Components of a Business Plan A Final Word of Caution

The Serious Entrepreneur Has an Exit Strategy

Planning Your Exit

Get Out When Things Are Good

Resourcefulness is More Important Than Resources

How to Become a More Resourceful Entrepreneur Turn Resourcefulness Into a Mindset

What Makes You Unique?

Every Store Needs a Unique Selling Proposition How to Create Your USP

Early Traction = Meeting New People

The Old-Fashioned Way Numb Yourself to Rejection

Three Qualities You Need to Meet New People

You Are Not Your Customer

How to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Customer’s Create the Experience They Want

Customers Expect a Clear, Pleasant Experience

Signs of a Bad Customer Experience Optimize Over Time with Testing

The Seduction of Giveaways

Never Run a Giveaway Out of Desperation

SEO is NOT the Cure-All

SEO Won’t Solve All Your Problems That Said, Don’t Ignore SEO

Every Business Needs Accounting

Accounting 101: Track Everything Get Comfortable with Your Taxes

Customer Lifetime Value Matters More than Today’s Sale

Customer Lifetime Value Explained

Customer Lifetime Value Unlocks an Important Secret Cultivating a Relationship

More Tools Won’t Solve All Your Problems

Tools Don’t Have All the Answers

Choose Tools That Support Your Process and Strategy Focus on Your Sticking Points

Don’t be Lured by Slick Salespeople

The Web Doesn’t Make Things Easy Don’t Be Afraid to Hire

Learn to Say “No”

Copy and Images Make Sales

Photos: Shoppers’ #1 Concern on a Product Page

Use Copy to Compensate for Your Photos’ Shortcomings Product Pages = Your Last Chance to Convert

Relationships Are Built on Trust

Making Sales = Signaling Trust Capitalize on Trust

Work On Your Business, Not In It

So How Do You Switch From In to On?

Take Care of Yourself

The Truth: Entrepreneurship is Hard How to Take Care of Yourself

It’s Time to Begin Your Journey

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